Crossing boundaries: Sub-regional conference on civil society and security sector cooperation: Conference report

May 2008
This report by Conciliation Resources highlights the main points arising from a conference about security and civil society within the Mano River Union countries.

Powers of persuasion: Incentives, sanctions and conditionality in peacemaking

Feb 2008
Faced with the problem of how to respond to the challenges of intra-state armed conflict, international policymakers often turn to incentives, sanctions and conditionality in the hope that these tools can alter the conflict dynamics and influence the protagonists' behaviour. Drawing on case studies from around the world, Accord issue 19 suggests that while these instruments have in some cases helped tip the balance towards settlement, in many others they been ineffective, incoherent or subsumed into the dynamics of the conflict.

Choosing to engage: Armed groups and peace processes

May 2005
Accord issue 16 explores the case for engagement with armed groups and the lessons learned from peacemaking practice. Highlighting both opportunities and challenges, it suggests that the range of engagement options and potential interveners makes a strong case for engagement.

Opcinoes de compromiso: Apercamientos con grupos armados en procesos de paz

May 2005
Eligiendo el compromiso: grupos armados y procesos de paz (Accord N°16, 2005) explora casos de compromiso con grupos armados y las lecciones aprendidas para las prácticas de construcción de paz.

Paying the price: The Sierra Leone peace process

Sep 2000
The Lomé Peace Agreement of July 1999 sought to end one of the world’s most brutal civil wars of recent times. Sierra Leone, its West African neighbours and the international community continue to face the daunting task of moving from war and political crisis to establishing a lasting peace.

First stages on the road to peace: The Abidjan process (1995–96)

Paying the price: The Sierra Leone peace process
Sep 2000
Accord Sierra Leone: First stages on the road to peace
Lasana Gberie describes the background and workings of the Abidjan process that resulted in the Abidjan Accord of November 1996, and its subsequent speedy collapse.

The Lomé peace negotiations

Paying the price: The Sierra Leone peace process
Sep 2000
Accord Sierra Leone: Lomé peace negotiations
Ismail Rashid describes the origins and structure of the Lomé peace negotiations which led to the peace agreement of July 1999.

Implementing the Lomé Peace Agreement

Paying the price: The Sierra Leone peace process
Sep 2000
Accord Sierra Leone: Implementing the Lomé Peace Agreement
Dennis Bright describes the implementation of the Lomé Peace Agreement, focusing particularly on the shortcomings centred on the profound levels of mistrust between the parties.

Lome is dead! Long live Lome!

Aug 2000
Even after the terrible events of May 2000, Dr Dennis Bright, Commissioner at the Commission for the Consolidation of Peace in Sierra Leone, explains why the Lome peace agreement is not 'dead'.

Demobilization, disarmament and rehabilitation

Oct 1997
Successful demobilisation, disarmament and rehabilitation in Sierra Leone requires political will and momentum. This article by Conciliation Resources highlights lessons to learn from past failures.

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