Accord - Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent (policy brief)

Apr 2014
This 6-page policy brief summarises the findings of Accord 25 - Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent. It argues that a legitimacy lens should be applied to peace processes by paying attention to priorities of context, consent and change.

Evento - Las conversaciones de paz en Colombia: Lecciones aprendidas de otros procesos de negociación

Feb 2013
El 13 de marzo de 2013, el director del programa de Conciliation Resources en Colombia, Kristian Herbolzheimer, hablará sobre los diálogos de paz y el proceso colombiano en un evento público en Londres. Entre los/as ponentes se encuentran Enrique Santos Calderón, miembro de la Delegación Exploratoria del Gobierno para las Negociaciones- periodista y hermano del presidente colombiano Juan Manuel Santos- y la analista política y periodista Claudia López.

Event - The Colombian Peace Talks: Lessons from other negotiation processes

Feb 2013
On 13 March 2013, Director of Conciliation Resources’ Colombia programme Kristian Herbolzheimer will be speaking at a public event in London about the Colombian peace talks. Other speakers include Enrique Santos Calderon – member of the Colombian Government Exploratory Negotiation Delegation, Colombian journalist and President Juan Manuel Santos’ brother - and Colombian political analyst and journalist, Claudia López.

Oportunidades para la paz en Colombia

Aug 2012
En esta entrevista con Diario 15 (Bucaramanga, Colombia) Kristian Herbolzheimer, director del programa de Recursos de Conciliación de Colombia ', reflexiona sobre las posibilidades de paz en Colombia con base en las tendencias y acontecimientos internacionales. Él sugiere la necesidad de reconocer y construir caminos múltiples y paralelas a la paz que pueden y tienen que trabajar, incluso en ausencia de una mesa de negociación formal.

Opportunities for peace in Colombia

Aug 2012
In this interview with Diario 15 (Bucaramanga, Colombia) Kristian Herbolzheimer, Director of Conciliation Resources' Colombia programme, reflects on opportunities for peace in Colombia based on international trends and developments. He suggests the need to acknowledge and build on multiple and parallel paths to peace that can and need to work even in the absence of a formal negotiating table.

Time for a new peace paradigm for Colombia

Nov 2011
The head of the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia is dead — but what does this mean for peace in the country? Kristian Herbolzheimer of Conciliation Resources gives his analysis in this article.

Participant reflections: Col Lysander: Colombia visit: Personal thoughts

Dec 2010
Following an exchange between peace practitioners from Colombia and the Philippines, Col Lysander, a Filipino participant, wrote a paper urging the Colombian military to turn its attention to peace.

Participant reflections: Ariel Hernandez: The commonalities and differences of the possibilities of peace for Philippines and Colombia

Dec 2010
Following an exchange between peace practitioners from Colombia and the Philippines, Ariel Hernandez, a Filipino participant, compares the two countries' approaches to a selection of peace issues in this paper.

Colombia: Can the military bring peace?

Oct 2010
With the recent death of a rebel leader, can President Santos ensure lasting peace for Colombia? This article by Kristian Herbolzheimer of Conciliation Resources suggests how past mistakes can be avoided.

Engaging armed groups in peace processes - Colombia and the Philippines

Jan 2006
This paper is the first in a series of reflections generated by Conciliation Resources' Comparative Learning Project. The paper reflects on discussions that took place at exchange visits in Colombia and the Philippines, which focused on questions and dilemmas relating to the engagement of armed groups in peace processes.


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