Армения и Азербайджан: что могут делать сами общества в ситуации, когда политики допускают серьезные промахи?

Sep 2012
Недавнее помилование президентом Азербайджана Рамиля Сафарова, осужденного за убийство в 2004 году, является новым ударом для всех, кто работает на дело мирного урегулирования армяно-азербайджанского конфликта вокруг Нагорного Карабаха. Лоренс Броерс анализирует значимость дела Сафарова и рассуждает о том, могут ли и как такие проекты, как “Кинодиалоги”, помочь восстановлению утраченного доверия.

Armenia and Azerbaijan: what can societies do when political judgement errs?

Sep 2012

Following his conviction for a brutal murder in 2004, Ramil Safarov's presidential pardon is a new low-point for those working towards a peaceful resolution of Armenia and Azerbaijan's conflict over Nagorny Karabakh. Laurence Broers analyses the impact of this case and looks at how projects like Dialogue Through Film must try and rebuild the trust that has unraveled.

Peace, security and development update: Strengthening citizens’ security

Aug 2008
This edition of of the security-focussed publication looks at the successes and challenges of Conciliation Resources and its partners when carrying out their peace and security work in Sierra Leone.

From military peace to social justice? The Angolan peace process: Policy brief

Oct 2004
This policy brief summarises Conciliation Resources’ Accord (issue 15) 'From military peace to social justice? The Angolan peace process'. It explores how Angola ended its civil war and the challenges it now faces.

Sierra Leone, the conflict and the world

Jun 2001
How has the international community's focus on Sierra Leone really affected its people? This speech by Dr Dennis Bright, given at the Conflict, Development and Peace Network Conference, explores the positive and negative impacts.

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