Déclaration conjointe sur la crise persistante dans les zones affectées par la LRA

Oct 2013

En Septembre 2013 un groupe d’experts de notre programme d’Afrique de l’Est et Centrale s’est réuni à Bruxelles avec des organisations de la société civile de la région ainsi que des collègues de plusieurs ONG internationales. 

Des discussions à propos des développements récentes du conflit avec l’Armée de Résistance du Seigneur, et le progrès à l’égard de la surveillance des interventions a entrainer une déclaration conjointe qui souligne les priorités les plus urgentes en abordant la crise persistante dans les zones touchés par la LRA.

Background to the Kashmir conflict: challenges and opportunities

Sep 2013

This paper is the first in a series from the Kashmir Initiative Group (KIG), providing a background to the Kashmir context. The paper reflects on the current landscape in the region, identifies internal and external challenges and opportunities, and offers some suggested points of action in response to these. KIG will produce four policy briefs over the next year based on four issues identified in this paper:

Opportunities for peace in Colombia

Aug 2012
In this interview with Diario 15 (Bucaramanga, Colombia) Kristian Herbolzheimer, Director of Conciliation Resources' Colombia programme, reflects on opportunities for peace in Colombia based on international trends and developments. He suggests the need to acknowledge and build on multiple and parallel paths to peace that can and need to work even in the absence of a formal negotiating table.

Oportunidades para la paz en Colombia

Aug 2012
En esta entrevista con Diario 15 (Bucaramanga, Colombia) Kristian Herbolzheimer, director del programa de Recursos de Conciliación de Colombia ', reflexiona sobre las posibilidades de paz en Colombia con base en las tendencias y acontecimientos internacionales. Él sugiere la necesidad de reconocer y construir caminos múltiples y paralelas a la paz que pueden y tienen que trabajar, incluso en ausencia de una mesa de negociación formal.

Box 8 - UNIFIL's contribution to peace in Lebanon: a conversation with Timur Goksel

Positive peace for Lebanon: reconciliation, reform and resilience
Jul 2012
Timur Goksel analyses the UN Interim Force for Lebanon (UNIFIL), explaining that its role in patrolling Lebanon’s border with Israel is more political than military. It has correspondingly played key functions in facilitating liaison between Lebanese and Israeli militaries, as well as with local Lebanese in the south.

Introduction: peacebuilding in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
Elizabeth Drew and Alexander Ramsbotham introduce the publication and outline some of the challenges facing present day Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Human security in Liberia: Local perspectives on formal and informal security sectors

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
Richard Reeve and Jackson Speare draw on local people's perspectives to review the current state of Liberia's security sector. Despite formal efforts, rural areas are still poorly policed, women are wary of security structures, and tensions remain between formal efforts and customary security arrangements.

Conclusion: consolidating peace

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
This conclusion to Accord 23 makes suggestions for peacebuilding policy and practice. It argues that peacebuilding policy needs to concentrate more on people, and building relationships between communities, and between communities and the state.

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone

Mar 2012

Almost ten years on from the official end of wars in Sierra Leone (2002) and Liberia (2003), attention is shifting from post-war peacebuilding to longer-term development. What headway has been made? What challenges lie ahead? And what lessons that can be learnt?


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