Film screening at SOAS: Memories Without Borders

Mar 2013
Join us at SOAS on Friday 22 March 2013 for a film screening of Memories Without Borders, a documentary film made by Turkish, Armenian and Azerbaijani filmmakers.

Policy brief: The Lord's Resistance Army

Oct 2011
The voices of people most affected by the Lord's Resistance Army conflict are not always the loudest and their opinions on the conflict can go unheeded. Conciliation Resources's policy brief for the European Union – part of the People's Peacemaking Perspectives project with Saferworld – addresses this issue.

Communicating across borders: Peacebuilding and the media in the South Caucasus

Paix sans frontières: building peace across borders
Jan 2011
In the South Caucasus’s state of ‘no peace, no war’, interlaced by closed borders, front lines, and abandoned roads and railways, Rachel Clogg and Jenny Norton discuss how the media has helped to reconnect people and rebuild ties.

All for Peace Radio: breaking down borders in the Middle East

Paix sans frontières: building peace across borders
Jan 2011
Mossi Raz describes how the All for Peace Radio station creates a forum for inclusive debate and tries to overcome the psychological border between Israel and Palestine.

Paix sans frontières: building peace across borders

Jan 2011
War does not respect political or territorial boundaries. This twenty-second Accord publication looks at how peacebuilding strategies and capacity can ‘think outside the state’: beyond it, through regional engagement, and below it, through cross-border community or trade networks. Edited by Alexander Ramsbotham and I William Zartman, Paix sans frontières: building peace across borders includes 20 case studies from Asia, Europe and the Caucasus, to East, Central and West Africa, Central America and the Middle East. Articles also explore cross-border peacebuilding from global, systems analysis and legal perspectives, and focus on themes ranging from politics, governance and security, social and community relations, and trade and natural resources.

Peace, security and development update: Strengthening citizens’ security

Aug 2008
This edition of of the security-focussed publication looks at the successes and challenges of Conciliation Resources and its partners when carrying out their peace and security work in Sierra Leone.

Justice and Peace News: Newsletter

Apr 2008
This is the Justice and Peace Commission's newsletter in Uganda. The April 2008 edition contains updates such as an article about the current situation in northern Uganda.

The limits of leadership: Elites and societies in the Nagorny Karabakh peace process

Dec 2005
As Azerbaijan and Armenia remain in deadlock over Nagorny Karabakh, Accord issue 17 highlights the challenges and obstacles to a sustainable agreement.

Пределы возможностей лидеров: элиты и общества в нагорно-карабахском мирном процессе

Dec 2005

С момента заключения соглашения о прекращении огня в 1994 году Азербайджан и Армения по-прежнему не могут выйти из тупиковой ситуации, сложившейся вокруг Нагорного Карабаха. При столь широко распространенном недоверии к процессу, вопрос в том,  может ли более инклюзивный и многосторонний подход преодолеть динамику поляризации и обеспечить лучшие шансы для достижения приемлемого для всех решения.


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