Topic: 'Dwogo Cen Paco'(Come back home) programme 

Mar 2011
Bishop Ochala II shares an insight from his work in northern Uganda into the conflict between the Lord's Resistance Army and the Ugandan government in this presentation.

Choosing to return: Challenges faced by the Lord’s Resistance Army’s middle-ranking commanders

Oct 2010
Why does one LRA middle-ranking commander stay with the Lord's Resistance Army but another risk escaping? This report by Conciliation Resources attempts to find out why.

Le choix du retour: Défis à relever pour les commandants de grade intermédiaire de L’Armée de Résistance du Seigneur

Oct 2010
Un commandant de grade intermédiaire choisit de rester avec l’Armée de Résistance du Seigneur (LRA) lorsqu'un autre risque de s’échapper – pourquoi? Ce rapport de Conciliation Resources tente de découvrir les raisons.

Карабах - 2014: Шесть экспертов о будущем нагорно-карабахского мирного процесса

Sep 2009
В каком состоянии будет находиться нагорно-карабахский мирный процесс в 2014 году? Взгляды шести экспертов с разных сторон конфликта.

Karabakh 2014: Six analysts on the future of the Nagorny Karabakh peace process

Sep 2009
Where will the Nagorny Karabakh peace process be in 2014? This study, commissioned by Conciliation Resources, gives insights from six specialists from across the conflict divide.

After Operation Lightning Thunder: Protecting communities and building peace

Apr 2009
Instead of peace, Operation Lightening Thunder resulted in death and displacement. Conciliation Resources' report explores the situation further.

Perilous border: Sudanese communities affected by conflict on the Sudan-Uganda border

Nov 2008
In the first study of its kind, Mareike Schomerus of Conciliation Resources addresses the often neglected Sudanese (now South Sudanese) dimension of the the Lord's Resistance Army conflict.

Coming home: Understanding why commanders of the Lord’s Resistance Army choose to return to a civilian life

May 2006
This report contains recommendations from Conciliation Resources and Quaker Peace & Social Witness to encourage Lord's Resistance Army commanders to leave fighting and return home.


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