The UN Peacebuilding Commission and Liberia's transition

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
In an interview with Accord, Ambassador Prince Zeid of Jordan, Chair of the Liberia Configuration of the UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) highlights UN priorities for Liberia: security sector reform, rule of law and national reconciliation.

Regional civil society peacebuilding in West Africa

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
Emmanuel Bombande describes how he co-founded the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP), the reasons for which it was created, and the ways in which WANEP works with local and regional actors to build peace in the region.

Fambul Tok: reconciling communities in Sierra Leone

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
John Caulker describes the creation of Fambul Tok in Sierra Leone in 2008, and promotes the importance of locally led, self-sustaining, community reconciliation in light of the poorly implemented provisions of the Sierra Leonean Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Conclusion: consolidating peace

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
This conclusion to Accord 23 makes suggestions for peacebuilding policy and practice. It argues that peacebuilding policy needs to concentrate more on people, and building relationships between communities, and between communities and the state.

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone

Mar 2012

Almost ten years on from the official end of wars in Sierra Leone (2002) and Liberia (2003), attention is shifting from post-war peacebuilding to longer-term development. What headway has been made? What challenges lie ahead? And what lessons that can be learnt?

People's peacemaking perspectives: Liberia and Sierra Leone – Policy brief

Nov 2011
The 1999 Lomé and the 2003 Accra agreements marked the official end to conflicts in Sierra Leone and Liberia respectively and the beginning of their long paths towards lasting peace. Both are making headway, but the underlying causes of conflict persist in both familiar and new forms. The findings presented in this policy brief represent a selection of the salient peacebuilding issues, which emerged from workshops and interviews in Sierra Leone and Liberia with civil society and community representatives and a range of other actors.

People's peacemaking perspectives: Liberia et Sierra Leone - Synthèse

Nov 2011
Depuis la conclusion officielle des conflits à la Sierra Leone et au Liberia, les deux pays font des progrès. Pourtant, le conflit persiste aux deux pays dans des formes à la fois familiales et nouvelles. Cette synthèse représentent un assortiment des thèmes proéminents relatif à la construction de la paix qui ont sorti d’ateliers et d’entretiens effectués à la Sierra Leone et au Liberia avec la société civile, les représentants communautaires et une variété d’acteurs supplémentaires.

Peace, security and development update: Youth and security

Jun 2008
The fourth issue of this security-focussed publication looks at the youth in Sierra Leone and how they can contribute to the country's security.

Powers of persuasion: Incentives, sanctions and conditionality in peacemaking

Feb 2008
Faced with the problem of how to respond to the challenges of intra-state armed conflict, international policymakers often turn to incentives, sanctions and conditionality in the hope that these tools can alter the conflict dynamics and influence the protagonists' behaviour. Drawing on case studies from around the world, Accord issue 19 suggests that while these instruments have in some cases helped tip the balance towards settlement, in many others they been ineffective, incoherent or subsumed into the dynamics of the conflict.

Haciendo propio el proceso: La participación ciudadana en los procesos de paz

Jun 2004

The process for making a transition from war to peace provides an opportunity to agree new political, constitutional and economic arrangements that can deal with the roots of a conflict. However such decisions are often made solely by governments and armed groups’ representatives, who do not always represent the wider public’s interests.


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