Peace, security and development update: Youth and security

Jun 2008
The fourth issue of this security-focussed publication looks at the youth in Sierra Leone and how they can contribute to the country's security.

Building paths to peace: Bo Peace & Reconciliation Movement

Nov 2007
Although Sierra Leone's rural population remains traumatised and divided after the war, with the right support it can heal itself. This report from Conciliation Resources and Bo Peace & Reconciliation Movement gives examples.

A path to peace: Indigenous conflict transformation and peacebuilding in southern Sierra Leone

Apr 2004
The peace monitors system in Sierra Leone is an excellent example of local initiatives producing their own successful solutions. This article by Mariama Conteh explains how Conciliation Resources supports such efforts.

Building mechanisms for conflict resolution in south-east Sierra Leone: The Sulima Fishing Community Development Project

Nov 1999
This paper by John Massaquoi of the Sulima Fishing Community Development Project in Sierra Leone introduces some exciting local conflict resolution methods which are proving to be very successful.

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