Event: Fiji’s constitutional stand-off – consequences for inter-ethnic relations

Apr 2013

This seminar in London on Wednesday 24 April 2013 will bring together policymakers, academics and representatives of non-governmental organisations with a special interest in Fiji.

The findings of CCF and MRG's new report Fiji: the Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity – based on field research into ethnic relations and anti-discrimination measures in Fiji – will be presented at the event.

Event - The Colombian Peace Talks: Lessons from other negotiation processes

Feb 2013
On 13 March 2013, Director of Conciliation Resources’ Colombia programme Kristian Herbolzheimer will be speaking at a public event in London about the Colombian peace talks. Other speakers include Enrique Santos Calderon – member of the Colombian Government Exploratory Negotiation Delegation, Colombian journalist and President Juan Manuel Santos’ brother - and Colombian political analyst and journalist, Claudia López.

Evento - Las conversaciones de paz en Colombia: Lecciones aprendidas de otros procesos de negociación

Feb 2013
El 13 de marzo de 2013, el director del programa de Conciliation Resources en Colombia, Kristian Herbolzheimer, hablará sobre los diálogos de paz y el proceso colombiano en un evento público en Londres. Entre los/as ponentes se encuentran Enrique Santos Calderón, miembro de la Delegación Exploratoria del Gobierno para las Negociaciones- periodista y hermano del presidente colombiano Juan Manuel Santos- y la analista política y periodista Claudia López.

Boundaries and demarcation: delimiting and securing Lebanon’s borders

Positive peace for Lebanon: reconciliation, reform and resilience
Jul 2012
General Nizar Kader explores challenges relating to Lebanon’s borders, specifically demarcation of disputed areas like the Chebaa Farms, as well as delineating maritime boundaries in view of recent discoveries of natural gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean. He describes how porous and disputed borders serve as pretexts for political violence or as channels for illicit arms transfers.

Indigenous people 'provoke' peace in Colombia

Jul 2012

In mid-July communities in the Cauca region (south-west Colombia) made it into the national and international headlines. The country was caught by surprise when they saw hundreds of unarmed indigenous people expelling both the army and the guerrillas from their territories.

Comunidades Indígenas “provocan” la paz en Colombia

Jul 2012
A mediados de julio, comunidades indígenas del Cauca (región al sur-oeste de Colombia) aparecieron en los titulares nacionales e internacionales. El país entero fue sorprendido al ver centenares de indígenas desarmados exigiendo la expulsión de sus territorios, tanto de la guerrilla como del ejército. Kristian Herbolzheimer sitúa estos hechos en el contexto de una lucha constante por la paz y la autonomía.

Introduction: peacebuilding in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
Elizabeth Drew and Alexander Ramsbotham introduce the publication and outline some of the challenges facing present day Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Peace matters: transforming resource exploitation in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
Philippe le Billon describes how resources played a significant role in the wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone, yet suggests that formalising extractive sectors can help distance them from violence. Government intervention in Liberia and Sierra Leone suggest that progress has been made on transparency and accountability in these sectors.

Mediating land disputes in Liberia

Consolidating peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone
Mar 2012
Juliette Syn and colleagues describe their work with the Norwegian Refugee Council, offering mediation to address land disputes in Nimba County, Liberia.


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