Background to the Kashmir conflict: challenges and opportunities

Sep 2013

This paper is the first in a series from the Kashmir Initiative Group (KIG), providing a background to the Kashmir context. The paper reflects on the current landscape in the region, identifies internal and external challenges and opportunities, and offers some suggested points of action in response to these. KIG will produce four policy briefs over the next year based on four issues identified in this paper:

Border community security: Mano River Union region

Aug 2013
This research report presents key findings from the selected border region locations in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. It outlines key challenges to border communities in the region, with the aim of informing policy dialogues with relevant national government authorities on cross-border community security.

La sécurité dans les communautés frontalières de la région de l’Union du fleuve Mano

Aug 2013

La manière dont les relations ethniques, culturelles et sociales s'étendent à travers les frontières nationales fait partie de la richesse de la région du fleuve Mano, mais elle a également contribué à l'expérience complexe et conflictuelle de la région ces deux dernières décennies.

Cette publication de recherche, crée en partenariat avec les ONG locales et les communautés frontalières des pays du fleuve Mano, a pour but de sensibiliser le public aux questions liées à l'insécurité communautaire aux frontières et aux moyens d'améliorer les politiques.

Cross-Line of Control Trade: Peacebuilding and economic potential – Research report

Jun 2013

Since the launch of Cross-Line of Control (LoC) Trade in 2008 significant bodes of research and literature have come from Indian, Pakistani and Western sources but every study has addressed one question or the other but not both together in their entirety.

This particular research work is significant in its many aspects: it explores both peacebuilding and the hard economics of cross-LoC trade.

Escalation of violence across Line of Control: Statement by the Kashmir Initiative Group

Jan 2013

The Kashmir Initiative Group (KIG) views with deep concern the recent breach of peaceful ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir leading to noticeable diplomatic tension between India and Pakistan.

Reconstruction and peace in Lebanon - post-war economic policy: a conversation with Sami Atallah

Positive peace for Lebanon: reconciliation, reform and resilience
Jul 2012
Post-war reconstruction in Lebanon has favoured the powerful. Exploring the intricacies of monetary and fiscal policies, Sami Atallah explains intrinsic and unhealthy links between politics and economics in Lebanon since the end of the war and how these have impacted negatively on social justice and stability. He also points to the failure of international engagement to challenge these dynamics.

Perception survey: Peacebuilding and economic trade - Potential of cross-LoC trade

Apr 2012

This opinion poll, the first ever of its kind, constitutes a part of the larger study report on Cross-Line of Control (LoC) trade and is presented at this stage as an interim report, inviting wider public and policy debate on the issue.

IRF and CPDR - organisations based on either side of the divide - have engaged with prominent economists from the region to undertake comprehensive research with stakeholder inputs. Through this they intend to suggest a workable roadmap for realising the full economic and peacebuilding potential of the Cross-LoC trade.

Hostage to Conflict: Prospects for building regional economic cooperation in the Horn of Africa

Nov 2011
This Chatham House report by Sally Healy examines the economic dimensions of regional conflict and cooperation in the Horn of Africa.

Paz sin fronteras: propuestas para conflictos que cruzan fronteras: Resumen

Feb 2011
Este resumen ejecutivo de la revista Accord (no.22) invita a un análisis y unas respuestas diferenciales para construir la paz en los conflictos que cruzan fronteras.

Intra Kashmir trade: Policy brief

Jan 2011
Trade across the Line of Control has brought trust building and economic advantages to Kashmir. However, as this policy brief from Conciliation Resources (and partners) explains, there are still obstacles to overcome.


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