Policy brief: The Lord's Resistance Army

Oct 2011
The voices of people most affected by the Lord's Resistance Army conflict are not always the loudest and their opinions on the conflict can go unheeded. Conciliation Resources's policy brief for the European Union – part of the People's Peacemaking Perspectives project with Saferworld – addresses this issue.

Reflections and recommendations for the UK’s building stability overseas strategy

Mar 2011
The UK government's decision to review its overseas conflicts strategy is a valuable opportunity for constructive change. Conciliation Resources makes some recommendations in this document.

Choosing to engage: Armed groups and peace processes: Policy brief

Sep 2009
This policy brief summarises Conciliation Resources’ Accord (issue 16) 'Choosing to engage: Armed groups and peace processes' and focuses on the importance and challenges of negotiating with armed groups.

Submission to Department for International Development white paper consultation: Fragile and conflict-affected countries and international institutional reform

Apr 2009
'Well-designed and resourced external engagement can increase the likelihood of those in conflict making peace". Conciliation Resources' submission to the Department for International Development's consultation explains in more detail.

Learning from the Indonesia-Aceh peace process: Policy brief

Sep 2008
This policy brief accompanies Conciliation Resources’ Accord (issue 20), 'Reconfiguring politics: The Indonesia – Aceh peace process'. It summarises the peace process and the lessons to be learned from it.

Incentives, sanctions and conditionality in peacemaking: Policy brief

Feb 2008
This policy brief complements Conciliation Resources’ Accord (issue 19), 'Powers of persuasion: Incentives, sanctions and conditionality in peacemaking'. It provides analysis and advice on the best way to use such tools constructively.

Submissions on the prospects for peace in Uganda

Jul 2007
Conciliation Resources, as part of Northern Uganda Advocacy Partnership for Peace, made these submissions about the prospects for peace in Uganda.

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