Opciones de compromiso: Acercamientos con grupos armados en procesos de paz

May 2005
Eligiendo el compromiso: grupos armados y procesos de paz (Accord N°16, 2005) explora casos de compromiso con grupos armados y las lecciones aprendidas para las prácticas de construcción de paz.

Choosing to engage: Armed groups and peace processes

May 2005
Accord issue 16 explores the case for engagement with armed groups and the lessons learned from peacemaking practice. Highlighting both opportunities and challenges, it suggests that the range of engagement options and potential interveners makes a strong case for engagement.

Demanding sacrifice: War and negotiation in Sri Lanka

Aug 1998

Accord 4, Demanding sacrifice: War and negotiation in Sri Lanka, outlines the cycles of violent conflict that have Sri Lanka since 1983. It analyses negotiations and other peace initiatives that took place between 1993 and 1998 and summarises basic concerns that must be confronted if a future peace settlement is to be achieved.

The publication features background articles and analysis on government peace strategies, constitutional reform, and popular Buddhist and Tamil aspirations.

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