Report: Dialogue series no. 1: Christine Bell

Apr 2011
Professor Bell discussed constitutional reform, human rights and women's participation in peace processes with peace panels, lawmakers, academics, embassies and civil society. This report by Conciliation Resources summarises the key messages from her discussions.

Addressing violence

Dec 2010
A complex conflict requires a complex peace process to bring it to an end. Kristian Herbolzheimer of Conciliation Resources explains in this article why and how a number of stakeholders have a role to play in the peace process.

Peace through human rights

Nov 2008
Although it is difficult to see at first glance, human rights issues may be the key to bringing the parties in the Mindanao peace process closer together. Kristian Herbolzheimer of Conciliation Resources explains how in this article.


Sep 2008
What will persuade a rebel opposition group to give up their arms? Kristian Herbolzheimer of Conciliation Resources explores disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR) in this article.

Opciones de compromiso: Acercamientos con grupos armados en procesos de paz

May 2005
Eligiendo el compromiso: grupos armados y procesos de paz (Accord N°16, 2005) explora casos de compromiso con grupos armados y las lecciones aprendidas para las prácticas de construcción de paz.

Choosing to engage: Armed groups and peace processes

May 2005
Accord issue 16 explores the case for engagement with armed groups and the lessons learned from peacemaking practice. Highlighting both opportunities and challenges, it suggests that the range of engagement options and potential interveners makes a strong case for engagement.

The Mindanao peace process: A supplement to Compromising on autonomy (2003)

Apr 2003

The 1996 Peace Agreement between the Republic of the Philippines government and Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) was a milestone in many ways: all previous attempts to negotiate an end to 24 years of civil war had failed. Implementation of the peace deal did not end the violence but the efforts and innovations in peacemaking in Mindanao offer invaluable examples for people working to resolve conflicts around the world.

Accord issue 6, Compromising on autonomy: Mindanao in transition, contains analysis on Islamic diplomacy, civil society roles and development.

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