La Voix de la Paix: nouvelles et avis de base au sujet du conflit avec la LRA - Jan-Apr 2015

May 2015
Durant les quatre derniers mois, les leaders traditionnels de l’Ouganda ont tenté de réconcilier les personnes enlevées par la LRA rescapées et les anciens combattants de la LRA avec leurs communautés respectives au moyen d’une cérémonie au fort pouvoir symbolique.

Voice of Peace: Grassroots news and opinions on the LRA conflict - Jan - Apr 2015

May 2015
This past quarter has seen northern Uganda’s traditional leaders try to reconcile former LRA abductees and combatants with their communities with a powerfully symbolic ceremony. But we are reminded that winning back the trust of family and neighbours takes a long time and hard work on both sides.

Participación pública en la construcción de paz: Resumen ejecutivo

Nov 2009
Este informe sobre políticas de Conciliation Resources se basa en los hallazgos de Accord 13 Participación pública en la construcción de paz.

Участие общественности в миротворчестве: концептуальная записка

Nov 2009
Данная концептуальная записка «Ресурсов примирения» основывается на выводах тринадцатого выпуска Accord 13: «Вовлеченность в процесс: участие общественности в миротворчестве». В выпуске рассматривается, как переговоры, преследующие цель положить конец насилию, дают возможность достичь более инклюзивного урегулирования, одним из преимуществ которого является большая легитимность мирного соглашения.

La participation publique dans les processus de recherche de la paix: Note d'orientation

Nov 2009
Cette note d’orientation de Conciliation Resources s’appuie sur les conclusions de l'Accord n°13: La participation publique dans les processus de recherche de la paix

Public participation in peacemaking: Policy brief

Nov 2009
This policy brief from Conciliation Resources draws on the findings from Accord (issue 13) 'Owning the process: Public participation in peacemaking' and explores how negotiations and peace processes can be more inclusive.

Georgian/Abkhaz youth dialogue programme study trip to Northern Ireland

Oct 2009
"…the main lesson learned…is that peace is achievable" says one participant from the Georgian—Abkhaz youth visit to Belfast. This report by Conciliation Resources gives more details about the trip.

Powers of persuasion: Incentives, sanctions and conditionality in peacemaking

Feb 2008
Faced with the problem of how to respond to the challenges of intra-state armed conflict, international policymakers often turn to incentives, sanctions and conditionality in the hope that these tools can alter the conflict dynamics and influence the protagonists' behaviour. Drawing on case studies from around the world, Accord issue 19 suggests that while these instruments have in some cases helped tip the balance towards settlement, in many others they been ineffective, incoherent or subsumed into the dynamics of the conflict.

Workshop report: mechanisms for political participation of the public in peacemaking

Feb 2002
This report from a joint analysis workshop on mechanisms for political participation of the public in the peace processes in Colombia, Guatemala, Mali, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Somalia, and South Africa summarises the discussions that took place and describes key issues and examples from specific experiences.

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