Border community security: Mano River Union region

Aug 2013
This research report presents key findings from the selected border region locations in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. It outlines key challenges to border communities in the region, with the aim of informing policy dialogues with relevant national government authorities on cross-border community security.

Peace, security and development update: Strengthening citizens’ security

Aug 2008
This edition of of the security-focussed publication looks at the successes and challenges of Conciliation Resources and its partners when carrying out their peace and security work in Sierra Leone.

Peace, security and development update: Women in security

Mar 2008
The third issue of this security-focussed publication looks at the role of women in Sierra Leone's security sector.

CCTS: Presentation by Michael Hammer

Jan 2006
Michael Hammer of Conciliation Resources emphasises in this presentation about peace monitoring, 'the work of actually building peace is being done, and needs to be done, by Sierra Leoneans, Liberians, Guineans and Ivorians themselves.

A path to peace: Indigenous conflict transformation and peacebuilding in southern Sierra Leone

Apr 2004
The peace monitors system in Sierra Leone is an excellent example of local initiatives producing their own successful solutions. This article by Mariama Conteh explains how Conciliation Resources supports such efforts.

From the ground up: Exploring dichotomies in grassroots peacebuilding

Oct 2003
Celia McKeon of Conciliation Resources explains why local peace initiatives are so important and gives examples of success stories from Mali and Sierra Leone to illustrate their transformative potential.

The Sierra Leone peace process: Learning from the past to address current challenges

Nov 2000
This report by Conciliation Resources summarises seminar participants' debates about the roles that civil society and the international community have played in Sierra Leone's road to peace.

Building mechanisms for conflict resolution in south-east Sierra Leone: The Sulima Fishing Community Development Project

Nov 1999
This paper by John Massaquoi of the Sulima Fishing Community Development Project in Sierra Leone introduces some exciting local conflict resolution methods which are proving to be very successful.

Gender and conflict in Sierra Leone

Oct 1997
The levels of female life expectancy and literacy speak for themselves, as do accounts of experiences during war and economic hardship. This article by Conciliation Resources focuses on the plight Sierra Leonean women.

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