Informal dialogue on the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict

The workshop was the second in a series of meetings as part of the Limehouse discussion platform on the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict – a continuation of ongoing dialogue that we have facilitated over several years.

Spotlight on displacement in Azerbaijan

On 30 April, 'Opportunities Through Unity' network from Azerbaijan presented the main findings of their recent research – New Housing and the Hope to Return.

Karabakh Contact Group meet in Washington

The Karabakh Contact Group – an initiative to bring together Armenian and Azerbaijani experts to discuss the Nargorny Karabakh conflict – met in December in Washington.

Video: The Nagorny Karabakh Conflict – Perspectives for Peace?

Watch an expert panel discussion and television interview looking at perspectives for peace for Nagorny Karabakh and the current status and challenges of the area.

The History Hour: The Georgian-Abkhaz War

Jonathan Cohen, Director of Programmes, talks to the BBC World Service's The History Hour on the origins and legacies of the Georgian-Abkhaz War.

Studio Re Film Series

A series of joint Georgian-Abkhaz documentary films produced by Conciliation Resources together with our partner Studio Re

The series includes:

Absence of Will: A journey through Georgia's conflict zones

Vakho and Teo, two Georgian university graduates from Tbilisi set out to to try to understand for themselves what caused the war in Abkhazia, and why fifteen years of peace talks the sides are still no nearer to resolving their differences. Halfway through filming, fighting broke out again over South Ossetia so that war became a reality for a brief period for Vakho and Teo making their search for answers more personal and urgent.