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This Guinean NGO works on community development, human rights, security and small arms. ABC Development works with local communities, engaging local political leadership to influence change for peace and development. The organisation works with the security forces, community-based organisations and political actors for change.

CEPAN is an NGO that was was established in February 2004 in response to the plethora of violent sectarian conflicts in Nigeria. The organization works to strengthen the values of peace, cultural and religious harmony among the diverse people of Nigeria through a broad spectrum of community-based peace building and people-oriented development activities. CEPAN and Conciliation Resources are working together on youth reintegration work in central Nigeria. 

IREDD, previously the Liberia Democratic Institute, works with indigenous communities and structures around the issue of good governance and advocacy. Their aim is to link communities to the overall governance framework and engender a culture of local participation in policy development and implementation.

The Sierra Leone Chapter of MARWOPNET, works with a network of women in different professional backgrounds who together advocate and campaign for the rights and space of women at all levels of the country’s development. MARWOPNET is known for its role in advocating and was involved in the negotiations for peace settlement in 1999 and in 2002. MARWOPNET in Sierra Leone works together with the network chapters in other countries such as Liberia and Guinea.

SLANSA is a non-partisan, non-profit coalition formally established in 2001 to promote and develop human security of Sierra Leone citizens and the people of West Africa in general. SLANSA works on youth and local governance in Sierra Leone.

We Own TV is a collaborative media/theatre organisation, which promotes self-expression by giving ex-combatants and survivors the filmmaking and editing skills they’ll need to share their ideas, stories and experiences with the world. We Own TV focuses on providing youth with alternative opportunities for life. It also uses media and theatre to advocate for change on specific issues such as gender and human rights, HIV, the environment, and political tolerance.

CENCAD is an NGO based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, which promotes reconciliation, peacebuilding, accountable and participatory governance and human development by enhancing support for and contributions to community, local, national and sub-regional processes and capacities.

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