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Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) is an interfaith peacebuilding and conflict transformation organisation formed in 1997 as a proactive response to the conflict in northern Uganda. ARLPI brings together leaders of six different religious sects/denominations (Anglican, Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox, Pentecostal, & Seventh Day Adventist) and their respective constituencies.

Jeunesse Unie pour la Protection de l’Environnement et le Developpement Communautaire (JUPEDEC) has a track record of collaboration with UNOCHA, and has supported communities affected by the LRA over the last two years. It is the only organisation in CAR that has networks with communities affected by the LRA. JUPEDEC works with groups and organisations in the LRA-affected areas, including women, to help them deal with the conflict. 

JPC Gulu is a Catholic organisation that builds local practices for peace, justice, news dissemination and good cross-border relations. JPC also works on reconciliation - addressing inter-community fear and mistrust that has kept ethnic groups in Uganda divided for decades. As IDPs have started to return to their homes, JPC Gulu has been training paralegals to work in their communities to resolve disputes relating to land conflicts. JPC is also working with youth in monitoring District implementation of Government funded Peace, Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP).

The task force is a network of religious and cultural leaders and representatives from NGOs in the four countries affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army – Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Central African Republic – who meet to discuss the conflict, common challenges and approaches.

The Network of Women Organisations of the Uélés (Réseau des Organisations de Femmes des Uélés - ROFU) was established on 20 May 2011, following a workshop run by Conciliation Resources. The network is a platform consisting of seven different women's organisations which was created to involve women in the peace processes and the reconstruction of the basin of the Uélés, in light of UN resolution 1325.

SAIPED is an NGO based in Dungu-Uye, Dungu territory, Haut Uélé district, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Its mission is to promote peace and socioeconomic development for rural communities in Democratic Republic of Congo by supporting, educating and training local leaders to make good decision for their communities.

It works with local committees and gives special attention to women and to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, displaced people, refugees, orphans, widows and victims of conflict.

Totto Chan is a child trauma centre in Juba, South Sudan, with a longstanding link to UNICEF. It has assisted in the return of Ugandan former abductees from Sudan to Uganda and promotes the interests of children and youth in this war-torn region. We are working with Totto Chan to push forward partnership work on community peacebuilding in Sudan and with its Ugandan counterparts on cross-border collaboration.

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