Building peace is complex and long-term – it requires patience, perseverance and commitment. We make an impact at different levels of society: community, political and international.

What separately are small steps – to change attitudes, develop understanding, encourage discussion and empower civil society - together can have a big impact on resolving conflict and preventing future violence.

There is evidence that Conciliation Resources connects the local to policy levels by its work with practitioners in the field, the opportunities it creates for people to hear about this work – through Accord publications and policy briefs – and through seminars and workshops.  In so doing it has an influence in improving understanding, changing thinking and influencing policy.

Comment from DFID-funded Conflict and Humanitarian Fund Project Completion Report, 2011

Some of our recent achievements

West Africa: addressing Ebola-driven tensions

District Platforms for Dialogue resolved conflicts between border communities and security officials, healthworkers and district authorities in 18 border areas affected by Ebola.

East and Central Africa: local peace committees empower communities

37 Local Peace Committees in the Central African Republic brought together different groups within communties to address local disputes.

Southeast Asia: giving women a voice in the Philippines

Through direct engagement with transitional institutions and both peace panels, we ensured that the voices of grassroots women were heard at the highest level. Project partners conducted 21 focus group discussions with more than 700 women, ran four trainings on Women’s Political Participation and developed the capacity of grassroots women in advocacy.

South Asia: strengthening trade as a Confidence Building Measure in Kashmir

In 2015, we celebrated the seventh anniversary of trade across the Line of Control, with events and communications to further strengthen this initiative.

Policy: advocating for change relating to counter-terrorism legislation

In the UK, our work on proscription and counter-terrorism policies and their impact on peacebuilding, resulted in published guidance by the UK Government on a key clause in the Terrorism Act 2000. This provides greater legal protection for NGOs engaged in mediation and peacebuilding.

West Africa: signing of landmark agreement

The Accra Declaration was signed in October 2015, by government officials and NGO representatives from Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia. This signalled a prioritisation of peacebuilding approaches and a new cooperation between the two countries.