Feb 2017
Joint statement from participants of the Peace and Development Conference on the Somali region of Ethiopia (Ogaden): 

A peace and development conference that brought together diverse sectors of society from the Somali Region of Ethiopia (Ogaden) including elders, intellectuals, business people, diaspora, refugees, religious leaders, women and youth was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 24-26 February 2017.

The Conference:

  • Acknowledges the need for sustained peace and stability in the Somali region of Ethiopia (Ogaden) and urges all concerned parties to renew their commitment towards a negotiated political settlement; 

  • Recommends supporting and strengthening the Kenyan government-led peace talks between the Government of Ethiopia and the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) to find a negotiated political settlement to the conflict in the region and; 

  • Acknowledges the worsening humanitarian situation in the region caused by recurrent droughts and calls upon local, national, diaspora and international actors to provide immediate assistance to the drought-affected population in the region. 
The conference commends the support and facilitation provided by Conciliation Resources. 

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