Gender, sexual violence and peacebuilding – women’s participation in peace processes

From 10-13 June 2014, the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict will take place at the ExCel Centre in London. As part of the summit, Conciliation Resources is organising two free, open events.

Keynote Address - Rosa Emilia Salamanca

Jun 2014
Ensuring Stable and Peaceful Societies
On 24 April 2014, Conciliation Resources' partner, Rosa Emilia Salamanca, spoke at an event organised by the President of the UN’s General Assembly. She addressed the need to include gender, violence and peace in the UN’s post-2015 development framework. This is a transcript of her address.

Accord - Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent (policy brief)

Apr 2014
This 6-page policy brief summarises the findings of Accord 25 - Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent. It argues that a legitimacy lens should be applied to peace processes by paying attention to priorities of context, consent and change.

Why are women key in peacebuilding?

To mark the 15th anniversary of the UN Resolution on Women, Peace and Security, Rosa Emilia Salamanca, director of our partner organisation 'Corporación de Investigación y Acción Social y Económica' (CIASE) shares her thoughts on why women are essential to peacebuilding processes.

Dialogue event: constructing historic memory of Colombian migration and exile

Join us next Friday 18 September for a conversation on Colombian migration and exile. It will also look at ways that those who have lived through it can utilise their experiences to contribute to the Colombian peace process

Colombia - De‑mining in Micoahumado: from civil resistance to local negotiation with the ELN

In the midst of violence: local engagement with armed groups
May 2015

Mauricio García-Durán and Fernando Sarmiento Santander explore an initiative by the population of Micoahumado in southern Bolivar, one of the most disputed zones in the Colombian conflict. The article identifies how the community was able to convince the ELN to unilaterally de-mine the main arteries connecting the village of Micoahumado in a territory under de facto ELN control.

Expert analysis: between fighting and talking

In the midst of violence: local engagement with armed groups
May 2015

Governments and the international community remain reluctant to allow space for dialogue with non-state armed groups and have a limited understanding of how to reach and influence them constructively. Yet whilst international policy remains ambiguous, local populations living alongside armed groups may already be in contact.

In the midst of violence: local engagement with armed groups

In the midst of violence: local engagement with armed groups
May 2015

Zahbia Yousuf introduces the publication's three in-depth case studies from Colombia, northern Uganda and Syria, as well as a shorter reflection from Northern Ireland.