Accord: an international review of peace initiatives

Our Accord publication series informs and strengthens peace processes by documenting and analysing practical lessons and innovations of peacebuilding.

Accord projects examine specific conflicts globally and common peacebuilding themes. Accord publications present case studies of experiences and insights of local and international practitioners and experts, and people affected by conflict, to build an inclusive and participatory analysis. We develop policy conclusions and recommendations for best practice.

An indispensable source…
If Accord did not exist already it would have to be invented!

Johan Galtung

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Latest publications

Local engagement with armed groups: in the midst of violence
International policy is ambiguous on whether or not to talk to non-state armed groups, and governments often prefer security and military options to other types of response. Yet, long before states and international mediators contemplate official talks, populations living alongside an armed group may already be in contact. This Accord Insight looks at community initiatives to influence armed groups away from violence, and explores their contribution to human security and broader peacebuilding.
Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent
Legitimacy matters for peace. Accord focuses on legitimacy and the practical ways that it can contribute to building more sustainable peace. It looks at 15 country case studies at various stages of conflict, including the Philippines, Syria, Afghanistan, the Basque Country, Somaliland, Yemen and Burma.
Accord Insight: Women building peace
This volume looks back at a wealth of women’s peacebuilding practice documented by Accord since 1998. Case studies from Cambodia, Sierra Leone, northern Uganda, Papua New Guinea–Bougainville, Northern Ireland, Angola, Sudan, Indonesia–Aceh and Somalia shed light on what women peacebuilders have done to overcome conflict and the challenges they encountered.

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