Weaving consensus: The Papua New Guinea - Bougainville peace process
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Martin Miriori gives a Bougainville Interim Government (BIG) perspective on the conflict and peace process, describing early peace efforts by the PNG government and the Catholic Church, the first ceasefire and the business-led Arawa Country Club Private Citizens Forum in 1990. Initiatives by New Zealand and the Solomon Islands followed the BIG's declaration of independence, and the BIG's establishment of an office in the Solomon Islands played an important role in making their subsequent participation in peace talks possible. Miriori gives an account of the Honiara talks and Arawa Peace Conference (1994), the Cairns Talks (1995) and the more successful Burnham talks of 1997. He concludes with the shortcomings of peace efforts prior to 1997 and the reasons for success of the Burnham process.