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Conciliation Resources receives funding support from a wide range of donors. We are grateful to those who have been supporting our work over many years, enabling us to strengthen our activities and increase the support we give to people affected by conflict.

We are always looking for new donors interested in working with us to prevent violence and build peace. If you'd like to make a personal donation, please click here to donate online. Or you can cr [at] c-r [dot] org (subject: Funding%20query) (email us) for more information about how to support this work. 

See also our latest audited accounts, prepared in accordance with UK Charity Commission regulations.

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Governments and multilateral organisations

AusAID is the Australian Government agency responsible for managing Australia's overseas aid program. AusAID is an Executive Agency within the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio and reports to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The European Commission is the EU's executive body and represents the interests of Europe as a whole.



The Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, ifa) is an organisation operating worldwide to promote artistic exchange and dialogue between civil societies and to provide information about foreign cultural policy.

The objective of the Peacebuilding Service is to finance projects concerned with conflict prevention and peacebuilding in accordance with specific thematic and geographical priorities of Belgium’s foreign policy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates and carries out Dutch foreign policy at its headquarters in The Hague and through its missions abroad. It is likewise the channel through which the Dutch Government communicates with foreign governments and international organisations.

The essential task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to work for Norway’s interests internationally: to safeguard the country’s freedom, security and prosperity.

SIDA is a government organisation under the Swedish Foreign Ministry. It adminsters approximately half of Sweden's budget for development aid.

The Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (FDFA) formulates and coordinates Swiss foreign policy on the instructions of the Federal Council. We are funded by the Political Affairs Division IV Human Security: Peace, Human Rights, Humanitarian Policy, Migration, which is responsible for implementing measures to promote peace and strengthen human rights in the world.

DFID is the UK Government department responsible for promoting development and the reduction of poverty.




The FCO is the UK Government department responsible for promoting British interests overseas and supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe.

Trusts and foundations

The Trust was set up in memory of two generations of the Ferguson family to promote their particular interests in education, international friendship and understanding, and the promotion of world peace and development.

The Berghof Foundation is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting conflict stakeholders and actors in their efforts to achieve sustainable peace through peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

The Trust makes donations to other charities working in overseas development.

The Commonwealth Foundation is an intergovernmental organisation set up almost fifty years ago to make civil society stronger. The Foundation works on behalf of the people of the Commonwealth of Nations, a voluntary association spanning 54 countries, six continents and almost a third of the world’s population.

The Trust was founded by the Berkshire farming family. Their interests are centred on farming and the countryside and they support agricultural and conservation work both locally and in less developed countries.

The Trust Fund works worldwide and provide grants to NGOs who work for the education, betterment and welfare of the poor.

The JRCT is an independent, progressive organisation committed to funding projects seeking the creation of a peaceful world, political equality and social justice.

The Trust supports advocacy and challenges to powerful economic forces on behalf of the poor to participate in articulating a vision of economic justice.

Set up by Brian and Betty Souter, the Trust assists projects engaged in the relief of human suffering in the UK and overseas.

The Trust makes donations to charitable organisations.

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