Frequently Asked Questions

Conciliation Resources is a small organisation with limited resources for responding to general enquiries. We welcome your interest in our work and peacebuilding but request that before contacting us you read through the topics below.

Does Conciliation Resources offer internship opportunities?

Conciliation Resources does not offer a formal internship programme, however we do take on occasional interns from time to time. If you have a particular interest in one of our programmes please send your request to the relevant programme director.

Internship opportunities with charities, thinktanks and political parties can be found here:

Can I volunteer overseas with Conciliation Resources?

We do not place volunteers overseas. We work with local partners and civil society groups – our experience shows that people living in the midst of the violence often have the greatest insight into its causes.

What is Conciliation Resources policy on disclosing information?

Please refer to our open information policy.

How do I request information from Conciliation Resources?

Please refer to our open information policy or write to the Company Secretary of Conciliation Resources at Burghley Yard, 106 Burghley Road, London NW5 1AL. Alternatively, email your request to cr [at] c-r [dot] org ensuring you include your name, your address where you can be contacted, your request for information being as specific as possible and your preferred means of us communicating the information to you. You should be aware that Conciliation Resources reserves the right to levy a charge for providing the information requested. Full details are included in our open information policy.

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