The international peacebuilding charity Conciliation Resources was established in 1994 by Andy Carl and David Lord, supported by a group of advisers and volunteers. It was a time of dynamic development for the new field of peacebuilding. Our staunch conviction, continuing to this day, was that people living in areas affected by armed violence should be involved in resolving their own conflicts. We passionately believe in finding peaceful alternatives to war and violence, and we were convinced that there would be initiatives like ours springing up all over the world to support people-based initiatives.

We began our work with just two second-hand computers and office space donated by the Institute of War and Peace Reporting. Our working model has always been premised on the assumption that we would work in partnership with local organisations; offering our professional experiences and contacts, adding value where we could for the benefit for affected communities.
We are still committed to working at a human-scale, where the work is made possible by the trust earnt. We have grown and now draw on years of experience to provide practical support that helps people living in the midst of conflict prevent violence and build peace.

Building peace and sharing lessons on conflict transformation

Our earliest project work began in Fiji in 1995 with the newly formed Citizens’ Constitutional Forum. As news of our launch spread to a wider audience, so our connections and range of work increased. In the mid-1990s Sierra Leone’s civil war had reached brutal heights with half its 4 million people displaced. Conciliation Resources was asked to support a community workshop to help people explore how to make themselves less vulnerable to the violence. 

This introduction led to further work in Sierra Leone and Liberia in the midst of the war, working with local intermediaries and with journalists reporting on the conflicts, helping them to get access to new thinking about conflict resolution internationally. The programme has since widened to work throughout the Mano River Union sub-region.

We also started consulting with international organisations and non-state actors on how to learn lessons from the experiences of others in peacebuilding. From there we developed our online publication series Accord: an international review of peace initiatives. The renown of this important series has grown and it is now a common reference point for practitioners engaged in conflict transformation around the world.

In 1997 we launched our programme in the South Caucasus. This was followed by a new programme in Uganda in 1999, which has since expanded to include the East and Central Africa region. In our first decade we also worked with partners in Rwanda, Ukraine, Russia, Somaliland, the Gambia, Liberia, Sri Lanka, the Balkans, Angola, Nepal, the Philippines and Colombia. More recently our work has widened to also include working in India and Pakistan.

Learning from the past, looking to the future

Conciliation Resources supports people at the heart of conflicts who are striving to find solutions. Our initial aspirations to be a flexible, transparent and professional organisation are still very much alive. We are there for as long as we’re needed to provide advice, support and practical resources. Find our more about our work and current range of programmes.

With a highly skilled team of dedicated staff and associates, we apply what we learn to improve peacebuilding policies and practice worldwide. We have a reputation as a professional conflict transformation organisation, experienced in the theory and practice of peacebuilding and peace processes.

We appreciate the complexities of each conflict, and use our shared knowledge and expertise to adapt our approaches, never taking a one-size-fits all attitude.

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